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Five Star asset portfolio

Exciting development portfolio with upside potential.

  • Advanced stage diamond project located within the famous Coromandel diamond district. (Former DeBeers and Rio Tinto project).
  • Quality stones identified at five diamond bearing kimberlite pipes.
  • Pilot scale diamond production has been successful in identifying the potential for a commercial operation.
  • Dense Media Separation (DMS) plant currently on site and under construction.

Catalao staged development

Unparalleled Infrastructure In-Country (Three Concentrate Plants and One Central High Security Diamond Recovery Plant)

  • The Catalão Diamond Project located in the famous Coromandel diamond district, comprises 1 exploration licence covering 1,999.42 hectares. In addition, the company has submitted applications for further exploration licences over a total area of 5,998.37 hectares.
  • A cooperation agreement has been signed with the Government of Goiás State to fast track the development of the Catalao Diamond Project.
  • High quality stones discovered from 5 diamond-bearing kimberlites, with an additional 8 kimberlites identified.
  • Magnetic survey delineated 14 high-priority targets with the confirmation of new kimberlite pipes present.
  • Indicated+Inferred Mineral Resources of 8,277,000 tonnes grading 26.5 cpht CAT01A, CAT01B and CAT01C pipes. (1)
  • Pilot scale diamond production has been successful in identifying the potential for a commercial operation.
  • Catalao Project Video
Diamonds Recovered at Catalao Project
High Quality Diamonds
Collection of diamonds mined
Production plants at Catalao
New 100tph DMS processing plant being installed
Central Diamond Recovery Plant
  • Commercialisation plant currently on site and refurbished.
  • Significant increase in tonnage throughput from 5t per hour (current pilot plant) to 100t per hour, allowing pilot plant to be relocated to next key project.
(1) Carats per hundred tonnes (cpht). Estimated above a 1.5mm size screened using a square mesh.

Maravilha Project

  • The most recent diamond bearing kimberlite discovery by Five Star Diamonds.
  • Caustic fusion and diamond analysis on a 1t bulk sample (CF-MAR-1) from the M3 kimberlite has recovered over 400 diamonds in sorting.
  • A number of macro diamonds have been recovered in the process and are currently being weighed and described.
  • Additional bulk sampling and drilling programmes are currently being planned to fast track this project and the M3 kimberlite discovery.
  • A further six possible kimberlite targets have been identified across the Maravilha Project.
  • The project comprises 2 Exploration Licence with 1,114.86 hectares


Jaibaras project / Para State, Brazil
  • Advanced stage diamond project covering 522 hectares discovered by DeBeers.
  • Up to eight kimberlite pipes identified on the project so far (J1 to J8).
  • J1 and J2 kimberlite pipes have already proven to be diamond bearing.
  • Active drilling and bulk sampling programme on all pipes to commence soon.
  • The Jaibaras diamond pipes have world class size potential and initial work is highly encouraging.
  • 10t bulk samples collected and processed from J01 and J02 kimberlite pipes with high quality white macro diamonds recovered from both pipes. In particular J02 pipe results indicated the potential for an economic grade.
Kimberlites at Jaibaras project.
Diamonds recovered at Jaibaras project.

Verissimo Project / Goias State, Brazil

Verissimo Project / Goias State, Brazil
  • The project is located 75 kilometres north west of the company’s Catalão Diamond project and comprises 7 applications for exploration licences covering a total area of 12,757.70 hectares.
  • The licences are in close proximity to the famous diamond producing areas along the Verissimo River. The Verissimo area has been known producer of diamonds for more than 100 years. The famous "Goias Diamond" weighing a staggering 600 carats was discovered there in 1906, and is one of the largest diamonds ever found.
  • Multiple kimberlite pipes identified with at least two proven to be diamond bearing.
  • Data indicates that the V02 and V04 pipes contain microdiamonds and macrodiamonds with a white color and have been classified as high quality gems.
  • 10t bulk sampling collected and processed by Five Star from V02 and V04 kimberlite pipes with high quality white macro diamonds recovered from V02.
Bulk sampling at Verissimo project
Diamonds recovered at Verissimo project

Other Projects

  • Originally discovered by De Beers in 1990, Five Star Diamonds has gone on to identify eight targets (J1 to J8) on the Jaibaras Project.
  • The Company recently conducted an active bulk sampling and drilling programme at the Jaibaras Diamond Project.
  • In light of exceptional results obtained on recent drilling at Jaibaras the property has increased in size from 522.26 hectares to 49,443.47 hectares.
  • The Company has discovered a large kimberlite pipe at the Riachao Diamond Project.
  • The kimberlite pipe at Riachao is interpreted to be approximately 24 Ha in size, which is large on a global scale, and the largest kimberlite pipe the Company has identified to date amongst its 24 diamond projects in Brazil.
  • Significant historical alluvial diamond production in the region surrounding the kimberlite discovery at Riachao.
  • A detailed ground magnetic survey and surface reconnaissance mapping have recently been completed by the Company.
  • Initial Kimberlite Indicator Minerals (“KIM”) studies conducted by the company have been highly encouraging.
  • The weathered kimberlite outcrops at surface and two 100kg mini-bulk samples were sent for caustic fusion and micro diamond analysis.
  • Riachao project drone video
  • The V1 and V2 kimberlite pipes have been bulk sampled by Five Star Diamonds with samples being processed through the Catalao project’s pilot plant.
  • Bulk sampling has proven that the V1 kimberlite pipe is diamond bearing. Diamonds recovered at the V1 kimberlite pipe are white and are of high quality.
  • Bulk samples were collected and are undergoing caustic fusion analysis and microdiamond count.
  • Auger drilling and kimberlite indicator sampling programmes will commence in the coming months on kimberlite targets V3-V10.
  • The Alecrim project comprises 1 Exploration Licence recently granted over an area of 1,994.74 hectares.
  • Ground magnetic survey conducted by Five Star Diamonds generated 14 additional targets within the project that need to be tested.

Project Video